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Search Is Seeking Experienced Chef De Cuisines Looking To Create, Lead, and Grow

Hello chefs!

I have been working hard on multiple concepts and now I want to connect you with those opportunities! Please contact me via our contact page or email . You can also text the customer service number: (202) 953-3313

Please submit your name and resume. I would like to meet you on a zoom call and have a one on one interview to make sure you're the right fit for one of the many positions available. We are looking for ALL restaurant/service positions. I will be working primarily with the chefs de cuisines.

We are also looking for:

-Catering cooks (all positions)

-Servers (full service restaurants/ caterers)

-Bartenders (mobile beverage service company)

-Bartenders (lounge )

-Farmers Market representatives

please contact me if you're interested and give me a few days to respond to your message.

I look forward to working with you!



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