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"As a coach, Carolina has encouraged me to tighten my grip on the fundamentals of building a strong business foundation. My coach advised and recommended opportunities for securing excellent accounting services and record keeping software.   Super important skill that I learned from my counselor and through subsequent practice is recipe costing. It is documented that 80-85% of small restaurants go out of business after the first year.  My counselor taught me that you must know your costs; and especially your cost of goods sold!  I am now setting my prices with more confidence and have a clearer picture of where the profits lie."

— Angela Chester Johnson, Founder & CEO of Plum Good Proprieties


Since 2017, our clients have benefited from our professional consulting services. As a leading Consultant based in the D.M.V. (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia area), we’ve guided clients through important decisions and changes. At  Food Biz Mentor, We’ve managed to transform the lives of our clients. Clients that are entrepreneurs, new to the food industry, as well as those business owners that have been in the scene for a long time! All our clients have found our catered services very useful as they have suited their specific needs. See what our team is all about and contact us today!

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