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Here at Food Biz Mentor, we have teamed up with the Washington D.C.'s Small Business Development Center and the Small Business Administration to provide insightful webinars for aspiring business owners. Our team has been working really hard to adapt our offerings to an online format, and we have something very special for you! Get ready to learn, to enjoy, and to feel inspired. The following pre-recorded webinars are available on the DCSBDC's Youtube channel.

Citrus Fruits
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Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce: Business Education & Resilience Webinar

"The food industry and the pandemic are executing a shift to thrive"- Carolina Gomez. Pivoting involves the dramatic shift in policy, position, and/or strategy. Did the Pandemic create pivoting opportunities? Yes! The question is, how did you pivot and what else could you do to leverage?


DCSBDC Food Biz Series Part 1: What You Can Do to Ramp Up Business

This is an interactive 60-minute discussion about product development in the restaurant industry. This webinar will help business owners identify opportunities and develop a vision so they can successfully plan for their business goals. Participants were encouraged to register for Parts 2 and 3 of this series, whether their business is a start-up or an existing business seeking to increase sales and profitability.

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DCSBDC Food Biz Series Part 2: Preparing for the Future Webinar

In this webinar, business owners will learn how to perceive the value of training and get familiar with modern technology in the service industry.

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DCSBDC What You Can Do to Ramp Up Your Business Today

Carolina Gomez hosts this webinar under the District of Columbia's Small Business Development Center. Carolina gives insight being a food business consultant for tips and tricks on how to keep your business afloat during the pandemic. Visit the DCSBDC's website for more information and resources: 

Fit for Growth Podcast: Interview with Carolina Gomez

William Eric Linzey, founder of the Fit for Growth channel, has an in-depth chat with the owner of FoodBizMentor and classically trained Chef, Carolina Gomez. They both talk about insights on her life experiences, inspirations, the food industry, business planning, and getting your food product to market.

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