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Co-founder of ARC Digital Resources, Stefan Kempski started his career when he worked at an Apple Retail store in Bethesda, Maryland in 2007. Stefan joined the back-of-house team where he helped lead the region in inventory accuracy. 

As a tech-savvy musician, he began collaborating with others on music professionally. Stefan held leadership positions at Apple Retail across multiple departments and locations. Stefan’s work with Apple spanned two coasts including work as Team Lead, Business Team, and Acting Manager. Stefan, returning to the east coast after his success with Apple in Los Angeles, joined ARC Digital Resources in 2016 to provide superior product photography and serve as marketing liaison for the E-commerce Department.

When it became clear that a new website was required for the rapidly evolving product offering, Stefan was recruited to act in dual-capacity as Web Manager and Customer Support Advisor. As a customer service-focused guy, Stefan offers tailored technology packages selected from Software-as-a-Service providers designed to directly meet your unique business needs. That is why at Food Biz Mentor, he will be able to provide technology resources to clients to make sure their technology is optimized.

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