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What is Logos?

Logos means logic. When you go to sell something to a customer, their reasoning behind why they need the product must be logical. The logos combined with ethos and pathos make the most effective combination in influencing someone to purchase what you’re selling. The logo itself is the logical reasoning as to why the customer needs what you’re selling. If you have a restaurant, the logos will be that someone is hungry and logically they will need the best quality food at the lowest possible cost.

You develop your logos through the product that you’re known for and what need you fill for your customer. For example: people call me when they need good salami, when they’re having a reception, or they need tasty sandwiches. This is my logos. My pathos is my ability to connect with them, understand what they’re looking for and gain their trust. My ethos is that they’re able to rely on me because I have shown that through consistent results.

When I develop a menu, I think it’s important to keep everything clear and within the same theme. I like to have something for every dietary restriction- but I am clear with what I’m selling. I like to use local products and feature local farms and utilize whatever they have available. I have seen businesses that try to offer all food, not one style of food. They offer everything in the effort to appeal to more customers and get higher sales but by doing that they never become great at anything and limit their own quality and potential for higher sales. Ultimately, customers purchase reliability. They need to fill a need in the best way that they can find.

I’ve had a few clients that get what I call Entrepreneurial A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). As someone that actually has A.D.D., I can tell you that it is essential to figure out how to take the different ideas that come into your head and try to streamline them so that you can move forward and not all over the place. Business is about simplifying and getting things done. I’ve met many amazing and focused entrepreneurs that know exactly what they want to sell and come up with a plan to reach their goal. I have also met entrepreneurs that want to make money and use that to fuel their business. The problem with that is they loose sight of what they are offering and in turn confuse the customer. They then seem unreliable because they’re not excellent at anything. Greatness is about consistency, and logos is what logical need you consistently fill.

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