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Response to COVID 19

Dear everyone,

COVID 19. Here we are. What is happening?!?!

I think that sums up how I feel. I don't like to think back on it- but I know for a fact that I've been through some crazy and difficult things. I don't want to list them all but the gist of it is that I recovered from those difficulties. As soon as situations were under control: behold the Corona Virus. The historic pandemic never seen in our lifetime. Okay universe, I take your dark humor. And I raise you my strength and creativity. I guess I will always be that person with the glass half full mentality.

Here is my honesty: I don’t think the corona virus will destroy strong entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs for a reason. Because we have imaginations, we lead, we grow, and we create. I would love to say we will all survive this pandemic. The truth is. We will not all survive this pandemic. I am however willing to bet that this is not the first time that restaurant owners have had to improvise because they were at risk of losing it all.

Some of us will fear debt, they will lose faith and they will close. Some of us will stick to old ways of doing business and won’t be able to react quickly enough to technology. Some of us will adjust. Those of us who do will remain will revamp their businesses and roll with the punches. Our positive and glass half full here is:

to roll with the punches.

I’m a consultant and my job is to encourage and to inspire you. I should be encouraging the future of our industry and those who might not have had the privilege to have the experiences that I have had. I’m sure you had amazing experiences. However, I offer you my experience as the daughter of immigrants, my experience as a chef trained in amazing restaurants, and a graduate of the best culinary school in the world: The Culinary Institute of America. I have worked countless hours; I have given my life and probably even my personal relationships to this passion. I’m not being dramatic. I’m telling you what I have lived. I’ve been broken, I’ve been in desperation. And I fell like I have risen. I don’t say this to be dramatic. I’m just writing you as a friend. A friend who reading my blog. Probably thinking that I’m crazy, but hopefully listening to truth and the genuine knowledge that I have to share.

I need to let you know that today I helped some clients. Clients that didn’t know if they should stay open. Clients afraid for staff and their well-being. The well-being of children, of elderly, and lastly of themselves.

I told them to relax. I told them to have faith… and I told them to think outside the box. We no longer have a box. We can literally make of this industry whatever we want. Just make it profitable. Make it make money. Take risks if you believe it will work. Entrepreneurs take risks. Without taking a risk you would not be a business owner.

You can do this. Believe you can do this. And if you need help- email me. Because I don’t care who you are. If you have a dream- I will always tell you to figure out if viable, and if it is- I will most likely tell you to go for it. Go for it.


A food biz mentor

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