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Motivation During Pandemonium

You all know by now that this is more of a personal blog. I use this outlet for a few reasons:

1) To connect with potential new clients. I want you to get to know me as a person before a business woman. I can confidently say that I am a successful consultant and I have worked really hard to continue with my personal and professional growth. I am grateful for my clients. For all of you who allow me to live and to work in a field that I am passionate about.

2) To be honest and share raw information about my experiences. My successes but mostly my failures. I learned my lessons through hard work and a lot of perseverance. Some of my experiences seem unreal now that I look back at them. I'm proud of those sacrifices and those hard times. Honestly. I still have hard times. and this year has been one of the hardest ones. Trying to stay motivated and positive during a pandemic has been extremely difficult. I'm lucky I have my work and many projects to keep me moving. Nonetheless, I still feel lonely sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I need to do a little extra work to stay motivated and keep pushing forward. I only tell you this- because I want you to know that we all deal with that. I don't like to hide my weaknesses. Hopefully you read that and realize that it takes strength to acknowledge difficulty and identify how to make a change.

3) To have a place where I can look back and see personal growth. If I share my journey with all of you, you'll see it and experience it with me. I know people do read this because I see the metrics on my dashboard. I don't know how my words affect my readers. I just hope they help add something positive. The littlest of positivity can make a world of difference.


Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wanted to stay in bed all day? To be honest with you, I feel that way most days. The only thing that motivates me to get out of bed is the fact that I have to work. People count on me. If I didn't have that- I'd probably be in an extremely different situation.

My personal life is a struggle. I'm blessed because I have family and friends who love me. They're all busy with their own lives, so I try to stay busy with mine so that I don't feel the need to connect constantly.

Distractions are welcome. They're more than welcome, they're invited. I love distractions. I like forgetting about responsibilities and pressure. I like forgetting that we need to make money, pay bills, be healthy, move forward, and be successful. I like forgetting that and just living. Simply living. Maybe that's why I became a chef. Because no matter what was happening in the world around me- at school, at home, anywhere else. it never mattered when I walked into the kitchen. All I had to worry about was cooking. Peeling veggies, chopping, searing meat, simmering, filling orders, washing dishes, inventory- it all allowed me to forget the world, make my money, and go home without having to deal with any of the pressures that I had outside. Inside the kitchen has always been my safe space.

But then I dove into the world of business. I wanted a house. I wanted a full fridge with food. I wanted health insurance, and some sort of financial plan for the future. So I had to leave that life that comforted me as a cook. I had to try to find it in a world that some people can say is more intellectual. Is it more intellectual? maybe? It definitely requires more mental energy. More of the style of thinking that leads my brain into focusing on success as the world views it.

I love being a consultant. giving advice, training teams, building ideas, developing visions, developing recipes, executing plans, and making money. How do I stay motivated? By managing anxiety, by remembering what makes my happy, and by sharing my journey with my clients. Honesty and making a difference gives me motivation.

So what keeps you motivated? Focus on it and remember that we all have our off days and the days in which we feel invincible. Don't let the down days keep you down and just try to get back up the next day. Stay excited and stay motivated. Motivation seems to be the key to success.

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