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How To Write Your Business Plan

Sit down. Think. Write.

1) How would you do it?

-What would your business look like?

-What would that cost?





2) How will you get it to the people?

- How will you market your product?

-How will you distribute your product?

-How much does that cost?

3) Are there laws you need to abide by?

-What are your local laws?

-How much do those licenses cost?

-Do you need a special facility?

4) How will you do it?

-Do you have the money?

-Will you need to raise any money?

5) DO IT.

Just do it.

Everyone wants to start a business. Few are willing to write their own plans.

Let me make this clear:

A Business plan is an EXERCISE. It's a tool that you use to think your strategy through before you execute. This is why banks and other investors want to read it- they want to know that you have a plan as to how you will make money.

Please take the time to try. Actually, take the time to DO. Just do it. Write your own plan and have a consultant look it over and give you feedback. Because if you don't write your own plan, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage. You need to practice running your business before you do it. Practice makes perfect. Writing a plan helps you think critically and it helps you develop your ideas. Just try it.

Do it.

Write it first, and then email me so I can help you make it happen.



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