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How to make money FAST

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

This COVID 19 pandemic has been incredibly life altering. I was personally impacted. I'm sure that many of you were as well. I think that unless you work for the Federal government, your paychecks were compromised.

Thank God for the CARES act, because if not for that, I wouldn't have been able to keep up with my mortgage... and I have worked so hard to keep grinding and to rebound since so many of my own personal factors have blown up on me. I've made it out on top though, and I'm proud of that.

What makes me a successful entrepreneur? I try to stay humble. but I am a successful entrepreneur. What does that mean to me? I live in a wonderful neighborhood. I am happy in home. I have food. I have the ability to work toward my dreams and my goals. I am happy. Sure, I would love to have a great relationship and other things that one would like. Nobody's perfect. I strive for it though. I do honestly strive to be as perfect as I can be. I think what has helped me is that I've embraced my imperfections. I honestly made made myself believe that they're what makes me unique. There is no perfect.

I am a small business consultant. As a small business consultant I get a similar question every time. "Carolina- How do I make more money" . and all I can say is- Use your imagination. hustle. and work your ass off.

I don't know any other solution. You probably see this a lot: Stay positive, keep your eyes on the prize, keep grinding. Welp, I don't know what else to say. This is all true. The only way you will reach success is by working hard and not giving up. I'm just an incredibly stubborn person. I know what I have to do, but I don't know where life will take me. It does bring me peace to work toward whatever the hell that is. It brings me peace to work hard.

So, what makes you money the fastest is whatever unique idea you have. Bring it to fruition and work you tail off to push it and convince other people that they need it too.

We have tools for that: social media. Become an influencer. If you don't want to be an influencer- hire one. Get your product out there. Invest in your idea. Believe in yourself and always remember that it takes some time to watch a seed grow and flourish. Plant the seed now. Plant tons and tons of seeds, and eventually something will bloom. That's my advice for making money. Good luck.

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